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Fish Pro 2020 Seadoo Fish Pro 170
RXTX 300 2020 Seadoo RXTX 300
2019 Spark Trixx 2020 Seadoo Spark Trixx
Ryker1 Canam Ryker
2020-spyder-rt-chalk-grey-metallic-3-4-front 2020 Spyder RT-LTD DARK
Traxter HD8 DPS 2020 Traxter Max HD8 DPS
Outlander 570 DPS 2020 Outlander 570 DPS
Maverick-X3-X-rs-Turbo-RR-Hyper-Silver-Labrador-Blue-Manta-Green_3-4-front 2020 Maverick X3 Turbo XRS
Outlander 450 2020 Outlander 570 EFI
Maverick Trail DPS 800 2020 Maverick Trail DPS 800
IMG-20191105-WA0001 2020 Scarab 165
Maverick Sport DPS 1000 2020 Maverick Sport 1000R DPS
GTI 2020 orange crush 2020 Seadoo GTI
IMG_20200128_084942 2010 Seadoo RXTX 260
RXP 215 2007 Seadoo RXP 215
IMG_20200310_113225 2008 Seadoo RXPX
Stand up 2008 SXR
2020_Ryker_Base_Adrenaline-Red_3-4-front 2020 Ryker 900
IMG_20200708_145416 Polaris

Special Annoucement

NEW for 2020 Seadoo Fish Pro now with new 170HP motor and Seadoo GTI 170hp also with a new hull design on the GTI range


Ideal for Fishing!

Must see...check it out

Experience and Service

  • We have been in the Jetski Business since 1994.
  • We are dedicated to giving top class service.
  • We will match any written quote.
  • Call us last!

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We are committed to the best service in the country and will settle for nothing less.

Damon Cafetzoglou

Sante Racing